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Miami Blue Teen Facials
45 min., $85

Photo Teen Acne.jpg

Breakouts are the number one skin issue among teenagers. Regular teen facials at Miami Blue Spa will significantly help to control excessive oil production, unplug bacteria filled pores and calm inflammation. 


The Teen Facial at Miami Blue Spa begins with our Clearing Skin Wash. This cleanser will control breakouts, comedones, and excess surface oils. After the cleansing, we begin to exfoliate the skin to remove clogging surface debris, allowing for optimal absorption of treatment ingredients. Steam is used to open the follicles, warm and soften the skin. After a warm towel has been applied we begin extractions to remove deeper debris and blackheads. This is followed by a professional Niacinamide serum and a cooling, refining and deep cleaning Kaolin and Bentonite clay masque that purifies, absorbs excess surface oil and helps prevent breakouts.


While the masque is on enjoy a neck and shoulder massage followed by a warm steam towel. The facial is concluded with dermal layering of a spray toner followed by serum, an oil free moisturizer and sun protection.

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