60 min., $100

The Miami Blue Anti-Aging Facial uses products from our AGE smart line. These products include deep active ingredients such as Lactic Acids, Vitamins A, C, and E, Peptides, Avenue Sativa, Licorice and other ingredients that help the skin to recover from damage. This anti-aging facial offers a deeper exfoliation, which helps to speed up your cell renewal process. These ingredients reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduce inflammation and help to promote collagen and elastin production while promoting tissue repair. Please discontinue use of any products containing Retin-A, Renova or Adapalene 72 hours prior to and after your Anti-Aging facial. 


1. Hand Treatment  $15

This treatment uses products from our Anti-Aging line. We begin with the Multivitimin Thermafoliant and Exfoliant Accelerator 35. This anti aging physical and chemical exfoliant will improve the overall texture and tone on your hands. After exfoliating the hands we use the Multivitimin Power Recovery Masque for 10 min. The hands are covered with insulated mitts to keep your hands warm and allow the masque to penetrate deeper into your skin. Once this is removed we massage the hands with the ultimate Intensive Moisture Balance.


2. Eye Treatment  $15

The eye treatment includes cleansing the eyes and a hydrating colloidal masque on the eye area for 10 minutes. It also includes our high performance Stress Positive Eye Lift that is applied with cooling eye wands for a stimulating eye massage. This will reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles, visibly de-puff, firm and lift the skin.

3. Cooling Contour Masque $15

This rubberizing, cooling masque contours and firms your skin, aids in deeper penetration of serums and masques, cools and calms your skin. The ultimate relaxation masque! Key ingredients are: Diatomaceous Earth (algae), Calcium Sufate (for setting), Algin (alginic acid from brown seaweed), and Citrus Oil Blend Extracts.

4. Cooling Ice Globe Facial Massage $15

Benefits include: reduces inflammation, stimulates circulation, relieves puffiness around eyes, tightens skin, reduces pore size, stimulates nerves to exercise facial tissue, relieves heat, redness and inflammation, relieves fatigue caused by stress.

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