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Advanced Treatments
Miami Blue Pro Power Peel with LED $190

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This ultimate transforming and reparative facial is an advanced service for clients who are ready to take it to the next level. This facial combines a chemical peel and LED allowing us to get to a deeper layer of the skin to help your healthiest skin come through. If you are looking to rebuild collagen and repair the layers of your skin this facial is for you. 


After completing a thorough double cleanse, the Pro Power Peel is applied. This no down time chemical peel will decrease surface roughness, treat acne, aging and hyperpigmentation on the epidermis.  After a chemical peel, the deeper layers of the skin will respond by initiating cell turnover and skin regeneration as well as increasing the production of collagen. 

Following your chemical peel you will then enjoy the benefits of the Celluma Light Therapy. The technology within this device was originally researched and developed by NASA. This incredible device is safe, effective, and non-invasive.  Celluma Light Therapy has been shown to effectively treat a wide variety of skin and musculoskeletal conditions. Celluma LED therapy is placed over the face for 30 minutes. Blue, red, or infrared lights are used depending on the skin condition.  These specific wavelengths are well researched and scientifically proven to produce therapeutic benefits. Blue light penetrates through the epidermis and is known to kill P.acnes bacteria. Red light penetrates the dermal layer and has been shown to enhance collagen and elastin production through photo-biostimulation of fibroblasts. Near-infrared penetrates deepest and increases micro-circulation (tissue repair), decreases inflammation, and decreases pain.​ This incredible device along with your chemical peel will provide amazing changes and results to your skin. The benefits are transforming. 

Next, a professional strength retinol accelerator serum is applied to the skin to accelerate cell turnover, maximize your peel results, and reveal brighter and smoother skin. This contains a 3.5% retinoid complex and 5% niacinamide. You will have the option of leaving this Retinol serum on your skin for up to 4 hours. After 4 hours you can remove it at home with your cleanser. This will give you maximum peel results and allow for increased shedding. If you prefer not to leave it on it can be removed in the spa after 10 minutes. 

While the serum is setting enjoy a neck and shoulder massage with essential oils and a rich massage gel cream.


You will love the way your skin looks and feels after this deep treatment and relaxation facial!

Call today to book your facial!

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