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Eye Treatment: under eye peel, microcurrent brow lift, lymphatic massage $45

This eye treatment includes an exfoliating and brightening pro power eye peel.  Microcurrent on the brow area over a hydrating colloidal gel masque. Stress Positive Eye Lift is then applied, and a lymphatic massage is performed with cooling eye wands to reduce puffiness and add hydration. This will reduce the appearance of fines lines, wrinkles and dark circles while firming and lifting the skin.

LED Aging = Red, Acne = Blue $40

Blue light penetrates through the epidermis killing P.acnes bacteria. Red light penetrates the dermal layer to enhance collagen and elastin production through photo-biostimulation of fibroblasts. Near-infrared penetrates deepest and increases micro-circulation (tissue repair), decreases inflammation, and decreases pain.

Neck Firming and Lifting with Microcurrent Muscle Stimulation $35

The ultimate neck workout! Microcurrent muscle stimulation deeply stimulates the neck muscles. It lifts and firms the skin giving the neck a more youthful appearance. Microcurrent penetrates into the muscle causing it to contract and relax. A firming anti-aging serum penetrates deep into the skin to help reduce crepey skin and the appearance of fine and deep lines.

Ultrasonic Exfoliation and Ultrasonic Microcurrent $30

High speed oscillations provide a better and deeper exfoliation, leaving the skin smooth and fresh. This ultrasonic technology loosens debris and allows the sebum to be released from deep within the skin. Microcurrent allows for deeper penetration of products such as serums and masques. The results are plumper, firmer skin!


Hand Treatment $25

The hand treatment begins with anti-aging physical and chemical exfoliants to improve the overall texture and tone on your hands. After exfoliating the hands, a Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is applied for 10 min. The hands are covered with warm insulated mitts. This allows the masque to penetrate deeper into your skin. Once this is removed with a warm steam towel, enjoy a hand massage with the ultimate Intensive Moisture Balance.


Cooling Contour Masque $25

This rubberizing, setting cooling masque contours and firms your skin, aids in deeper penetration of serums and masques, cools and calms your skin. This masque reduces redness and inflammation. The ultimate relaxation masque! 


Cold Globe Facial Massage $25

Benefits include reduces inflammation, stimulates circulation, relieves puffiness around eyes, tightens skin, reduces pore size, stimulates nerves to exercise facial tissue, relieves heat, redness and inflammation, relieves fatigue caused by stress.


Gua Sha Stone Facial Massage $25

Gua Sha Stone massage can improve firmness and elasticity, increase circulation, ease muscle tension, promote lymphatic drainage, oxygenate the skin, promote repair and increase radiance.​​​

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