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Professional Technology at Miami Blue Spa
Miami Blue Microcurrent Facial
Tightening and Lifting
60 min. $150 

Microcurrent image.jpg

This 60-minute Anti-Aging Facial incorporates microcurrent muscle stimulation. It is for adults who are experiencing a loss of collagen and elastin in their skin and would like to lift and firm the facial muscles.


Introducing PureLiftPRo +. This non-invasive sculpting device deeply stimulates your facial muscles. This triple wave technology instantly lifts and firms your facial muscles giving your skin a more youthful and fuller appearance. A superior technology to competitive microcurrent machines available on the market today. Its patented Triple-Wave technology creates significantly stronger stimulation because it opens the permeability of the skin, allowing the stronger frequency to penetrate deeply, yet without discomfort. PureLift’s pulsing randomized current penetrates all the way to the muscle, causing it to contract and relax.


This improves overall muscle tone and strength, providing a strong framework for the skin. The ultimate facial workout!


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