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The Importance of Teen Facials

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

If you are like me, you have a teenager who is going through hormonal changes and therefore is starting to see a difference in their skin. All teens don't experience the same breakouts and it can appear to be different for everyone. They may see breakouts, whiteheads, blackheads (which is simply sebum or oil that has been exposed to the air), sensitive or dullness on their skin. This can be difficult for some teens to deal with, ultimately affecting their self-esteem and self-confidence. As an esthetician I am able to guide my teen to have regular facials and good at home care, which are both important. If you are taking your teen for regular facials but they are not taking good care of their skin at home in between appointments it will be difficult for them to achieve the skin they dream of. A good comparison that I read about is your dental health. Think about going to the dentist for a cleaning every 3 months and not brushing or flossing in between. How good could your dental hygiene be if that was the case? Not very good! I think skincare often gets brushed aside as unimportant. For many years I didn't invest in proper skin care because I didn't know the difference. That is why a consultation with your esthetician can help you to understand how to take good care of your skin in between facials. When your teen is at the appointment with their esthetician this is a good time for a quick at home care lesson.

Have your teen establish a regular routine of cleansing their face twice a day, exfoliating a few times a week with a gentle scrub, moisturizing and most importantly a good sunscreen daily. Teaching your child about the importance of sunscreen daily is one of the most important skin care lessons. Especially in Miami where the sun is so strong.

You are never too young to begin taking care of your skin. Don't you wish you could turn the clock back to when you were a teen and start using daily sun protection? Think about how different your skin would be today.

What does a teen facial typically include?

A teen facial will include a double cleansing, exfoliation with a physical scrub, light steam, extractions, a hydrating and calming masque, moisturizing and sunscreen. It will also include a consultation to educate your teen on proper at home skin care between appointments. At Miami Blue Spa their facial is also a relaxing time out from the every day stress they experience from school, homework, social pressures, sports and more.

Why do teens get breakouts?

Acne is part hormonal and part genetic. Teenage stress is usually triggered by puberty, unlike adult acne, which is usually related to stress and tends to be inflammatory. As our children transition into adulthood puberty triggers the movement of new chemicals in the body. Androgen hormones become more pronounced at this time. Androgen hormones increase sebum or oil production as well as stimulate hair growth. The excess oil and skin cells get together forming a plug that gets infected with bacteria and becomes a breakout. Your pores can appear larger, skin rougher, cheeks sensitive or pink, blackheads, whiteheads and possibly inflamed lesions can appear on the face neck, chest, back and shoulders.

What is Clear Start?

Clear Start is a product line by Dermalogica that is specifically designed for teenagers. It is a serious skin care line dedicated to clearing up breakouts in teen skin. The line contains several products depending on how many steps your teen is willing to take their time to use. These products are: Foaming Wash, Pore Control Scrub, All Over Toner, Matte Moisturizer, Hydrating Lotion, Overnight Treatment and Emergency Spot fix.

As I mentioned early, as an esthetician I have been educating my teenager on good skin care. I noticed more recently she has been wearing a lot of make up, specifically foundation. I was not happy about this but I realized that she was feeling insecure about her breakouts and trying to cover them up. Ultimately she was clogging her pores with the daily application of make up. Recently I purchased Clear Start for her. She absolutely loves it and is willing to take the time to go through the steps daily. Now, most importantly, she feels better about her skin and she is wearing less makeup! I see first hand how good skin care has a wonderful effect on teens!

Please call me anytime at Miami Blue Spa if you have any questions about Clear Start or appointments for your teenager.


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