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I am so grateful to have attended Sheraton Technical College for my professional license in esthetics. It is there where I discovered Dermalogica since we exclusively used their products on our clients. After receiving an education in school about the products I decided to continue my education by attending classes at The Dermal Institute in Fort Lauderdale, which I continue to regularly attend classes. I absolutely love Dermalogica and made the commitment to open a Dermalogica account and exclusively use their products at Miami Blue Spa. I can speak from first hand experience about the effectiveness of these products since I, my husband and my children all use Dermalogica to take care of our skin. We all love them! Dermalogica launched in 1986 and delivers innovation through real research, real ingredients and real results. They have won more than 300 awards for treatments and revolutionary products.

The products that I've tried and love are all available for purchase at Miami Blue Spa. I have "try me's" and samples available to take home if you would like to try something. I feel great about selling the products that I love and know are great!

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